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Hi, I'm Denni, and I'm the writer and photographer of

First, I would love to thank you for being here and for your interest in my blog and my services!
I'm open to collaboration, and I would love collaborating with you!  If you have a product or a service that is a good fit for me and my audience, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at:
pr.myglowjourney [at] gmail [dot]com

Discovering great products, reviewing, create awesome things and photographing them is my passion, so obviously I want to know more about you, your brand and your products or services.

I'm always looking for new opportunities where my obsession for wellbeing and beauty products and my passion for photographing and speaking about them to my audience can combine and create something amazing!

Services I Offer:
•    Sponsored Blog/Vlog Posts
•    Sponsored Social media  Posts
•    Product Photography 

Moreover,  If you feel that we could work well together but the project is not listed here, send me an email at pr.myglowjourney [at] gmail [dot]com , I would love to discuss it with you and see how we can collaborate!
Also please take a minute and read my Disclaimer page.
Thank you