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Kiehl’s Line  That Has Me Hooked On

Kiehl’s Line That Has Me Hooked On

Hello my darlings, welcome back to myglowjourney, today I’m going to tell you about Kiehls line that has me hooked on I’m not new to Kiehl’s skincare, in a way or another partially I have to credit them for my good skin. Some years ago I used to use exclusively kiehls skincare, and my skin...

Perricone MD Core4

I tried Perricone MD Core4 and Here are my Thoughts

Hello babes, welcome back to my blog, or if you are new here welcome I’m Denni, I’m skincare obsessed, I tried Perricone MD Core4, and this post contains my thoughts about it in the form of a mini review of each product. Somewhere at the end of October, I had the opportunity to collab with ...