Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Review and Demo

Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Review and Demo

I got a chance to try Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow - Latte Light, and I had to share the experience! 

Review in Dutch Here
Because Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow is not just another self-tanner, is like a body makeup but the with self-tan benefits. How does that work?
When you apply at first it adds a tint, it ads a healthy glow and somehow seems to blur all the imperfections, leaving your skin looking tanned and perfected. It dries up quite fast, and you are good to go.  But wait .. there is more, after 4 to 8 hours, you take a shower, and that will reveal your lasting tan.

No streakiness disasters, no hanging out naked with your arms in the air waiting for your tan to dry. No planning for the day when you have  4 hours available to self-tan. No! You are good to go minutes after application.
How does that sound?

Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Review

What is it
instant body makeup and self-tan in one

Who is it for
Anyone who  wants to look tanned

How do you use it?
Apply using a tanning mitt along limbs and then blend well in long circular movements. Allow at least 4-8 hours before showering off to reveal your lasting tan.

Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Review and Demo

This multi-tasking product gives the most flawless skin finish and reduces the appearance of imperfections. Added self-tan develops underneath the body makeup, which once washed off reveals a lasting tan.

Formulated Without
Parabens, Harsh chemicals, Perfume / Fragrance, Alcohol, Animal derivatives, Petrochemicals, Sulphates, Silicones

Vegan/Cruelly free

Where to buy
Various stores and online botiques

How much do you get
100 ml

Retail price
$45.00/ £32.50/ 39,00 €

Can it be used on the face?

What did I like about?

Supermodel skin in a bottle, I don't know how else to name it!
My skin is pale olive and if for the most it doesn't bother me that I'm pale, but in the summer I would love to have some nice tan going on.

Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Review and Demo

Living in the Netherlands is pretty hard to get that sun-kissed look, and even if I went to the beach long enough to get the color, I would not get it because I will slather myself in sunscreen. Sorry peeps healthy skin before anything else.

Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Review and Demo

Anyways, Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow is the only self-tanner that got me obsessed this year. Is luxuriously creamy has excellent ingredients, it does not smell like a self-tanner, and it has the blurring effect that transforms my 45 years old skin into a  look at me I have a supermodel tanned and glowy skin. I absolutely love it!

What I didn't like about
Is a bit spendy

Would I repurchase?

So lovelies, this was my Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Review and Demo! What are your impressions about it? Yay or nay? Any questions I did not answer?


  1. i would like to know how you achieve those legs! never wore body makeup, dosent it transfer to your clothing ?

  2. I like that you said that this product dries fast. That is something I look for in a self tanner. Your description and detailed review of it definitely make me want to try it!

  3. looks like a lovely product! I would love to ry it too. never mind some self tan without sun harm

  4. Annemarie LeBlancJuly 12, 2019 at 9:06 AM

    Interesting product to try! I love how it gave you the tanned effect! It sure made your skin beautifully bronzed without having to get out in the sun to achieve the same effect.

  5. Looks like a good product and can we take a moment to take a look at the result? It really tanned your skin.

  6. I’ve not tried Vita Liberata products yet – so your review was extremely helpful. I like the fact that they are inexpensive!

  7. I have not tried this product before but it sounds and looks really good and one for me to try x

  8. Geraline BatarraJuly 13, 2019 at 8:51 AM

    Looks like a great product, though I don't use tanner ever since I was in a kid.. ��