Get your glow back with ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUMGet your glow back, beat uneven skin tone, and dullness with Instytutum ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM, another personal favorite of mine. 

This fall in will turn 45, and let me tell you, the aging is real people!

I’m at the point in life where if I need to input my date of birth into an online form, there will be at least one minute of scrolling that has to happen to locate my birth year. I scroll, scroll, scroll some more, keep scrolling …ahhh… there you are ’74!!! 

To be honest, I’m hoping that I’ve still got a decent amount of years left on my clock and that ’50s are the new ’40s, but to tell the truth, my skin has gone through some severe shifting in recent years.
My fine lines have multiplied, the deep wrinkles start to show, my skin has more days that is lackluster than not, and dehydration seems to be the norm nowadays. And that is just skin we are talking about!
To be aging is a privilege and I don’t complain about that, I only complain about my skin being rude and show it... does it make sense? 

Otherwise, I’m trying to be positive here and admit to myself that I am at that point in life where not only that I need to step up the “get the glow” game but also make peace with fine lines and the permanent creases.
That’s the thing with the signs of aging, it just sorts of creeps up on you. One day your skin is bouncy, dewy and crease-free and the next you’re scouting the internet beauty boutiques trying to find a miracle solution to get the plumpness and dewiness back. 
Have I found it? No, but what I found is Instytutum ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM an antioxidant-packed, potent formula with 15 %Vitamin THD, Vitamin E, 3%Niacinamide and Tripeptide-5 that brightens plumps, and moisturizes the skin. Pretty damn close!
About Instytutum as a brand, I will make another post because I have tried so much of their stuff and I feel like I can confidently talk about the brand,  but for today I want to talk about their ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM.


For starters, I think everyone above 20-25 should have a Vitamin C serum in their routine. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production and helps to reduce signs of aging by repairing the damage done by free radicals and UV exposure.  Get a  good vitamin c serum, and your skin will be brighter and firmer,  fine lines and wrinkles will diminish, and have an evener skin tone.
Now without further ado let's get to the review! 


What is it
Vitamin C, antioxidant serum

Who is it for
All skin types

How do you use it?

Apply morning and evening to the face, undereye, neck, and décolleté


•  Brightens the complexion
•  Improves dark spots & discoloration
•  Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
•  Firming & Lifting
•  Minimizes pore size
•  Multi-depth hydration
•  Improves dull, dry & tired skin

Ingredient list

 water (aqua), tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, propyl-heptyl caprylate, glycerin, pentylene glycol. dicaprylyl ether, niacinamide, squalane, butylene glycol, sucrose polystearate, undecane, cetearyl alcohol, disodium cetearyl sulfosuccinate, phenoxyethanol, tridecane, helianthus annuus (sunf|ower) seed oil, cetyl palmitate, alcohol, tocopherol, xanthan gum, citric acid. disodium EDTA, enantia chlorantha bark extract, ethylhexylglycerin, glyceryl citrate/ |actate/Iinoleate/oleate, polyglyceryl-2 oleate, caprync/capric triglyceride, sodium ace-tylated hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate. sodium hyaluronate crosspo|ymer, ascorbyl palmitate. hydrolyzed sodium hya-luronate, palmitoyl tripeptide-S, ascorbic acid, oleanolic acid, dimethylmethoxy chromanol.

Formulated without
Parabens, sulfates, silicone

Vegan/Cruelly free
 cruelty free and vegan

Gluten Free

Where to buy

free worldwide

How much do you get
1 OZ/30 ML

Retail price
$ 95.00/€ 95,00 


Can be used around eyes?
yes, it helps to smooth out fine lines by plumping and hydrating the under-eye area

What did I like about?

High quality opaque frosted glass bottle! Smooth and substantial to the touch,  very luxurious. It comes with a pump that dispenses the right amount of serum.

Beautiful milky texture, like liquid velvet; not too think, not too runny, perfect for a smooth application, also great spreadability. I used two pumps for my entire face&neck  decollete area.

smells like high-quality skincare, light  spa vibes

Instytutum ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM Formulated with 15% Vitamin C THD an ultra-stable oil-soluble significantly more potent form of Vitamin C plus 3% Niacinamide, Vitamin E and Tripeptide-5 a combination that brightens, diminish the look of dark spots and discoloration and stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles and skin sagging.
Furthermore, Instytutum ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM repairs some of the damage of UV exposure has anti-inflammatory effects, contains a multi-molecular HA complex that targets different layers of the skin for multi-depth hydration and plumping,  improves dullness and texture. 


What I didn’t like about
This serum made it to my top shelf in no time, and I went through the whole bottle before writing the review. So, nope there is nothing I can complain about the products. Is a bit spendy, yes , but  it is worth every penny

My experience with it
I added ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM to my regimen in the mid-April, and at the beginning, I  only noticed a difference in skin texture and the fact that it doesn’t break me out.
While I love vitamin C serums with all my heart, most of them will just irritate and aggravate my skin. I’m not exaggerating one single bit when I say I’m doing a prayer every time I switch vitamin C.
 On 27 of June, the bottle was moved from my top shelf in my empties basket. So I had about 11 weeks with it using it mostly twice a day.

ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM feels and smells luxurious,  spa-like, absorbs almost immediately without leaving any residue and layers beautifully. I found it very comfortable on my skin.  2-3 pumps are enough to cover the entire face, neck, and decollete. 
It did improve my dull skin, it did brighten, I did feel like my fine lines where plumped and it made a significant difference on my dark spots. It quickly became my obsession. At the point, I pushed away testing other vitamin c  because I was loving this one so much.
My skin felt moisturized, balanced, and even-toned with regular use. If used ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM twice in a day, the effect would be more visible. I’m now a week without it, and the results i achieved with the ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM  did not fade away.


Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would ANTI-WRINKLE BRIGHTENING C-ERUM! If it is in your budget, go get it! Is hydrating, it is brightening, it is fighting free radicals, and it lives up to the claims, all that while is instagramable and looking dainty and luxurious on your skincare shelf, what is not to love about it?

Would I repurchase?
Most likely yes

Are you familiar with Istytutum skincare? should I make a post  about them and their products?

Article & Photos by Denni Engelen

This post contains PR samples graciously provided to me by Instytutum and is not sponsored. I take my product review seriously; all opinions are 100% my own!

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