I Coloniali Skincare Is Here! Here’s What I Love

Hello my beauties, today i have a New Brand Allert !!! I Coloniali Skincare IT’S HERE! Here’s What I Love …and obviously what I don’t.

Lately, I feel like scouting for new brands is one of the more pleasant beauty blogging experience!

I swear It feels like we are the forgotten land when we talk about beauty. You know all those amazing beauty products and brands, all these hot new releases? Yah we don’t have them.Therefore I rely on the internet! I do most of my skincare shopping online, and unless I need foundation, I don’t even bother to visit the beauty boutiques.

Though by chance, every now and then I am lucky enough to get my hands on some new and share-worthy beauty products.Remember my Teaology post? That was one of them and now I Coloniali Skincare, twice in a month .. I’m on the roll baby !!!! Yass

I Coloniali 

I Coloniali it’s an Italian skincare brand inspired by the powerful ancient apothecary remedies and brought to life with the help of molecular science.Everything about them from the product design to the website to the imagery screams apothecary and luxury! And that feeling remains consistent in the product quality, packaging (oh boy I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging ) and overall presentation.

I Coloniali products are:

  • highly rich in natural ingredients

  • effective and safe, I Coloniali face and body care products are clinically and dermatologically tested

  •  free of parabens and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate)

  • cruelty-free

  •  where possible, I Coloniali use natural substitutes of silicones and alternative preservatives to phenoxyethanol in many products

  •  formulated with hedonistic textures and scents to create an experience of pleasure

I Coloniali skincare products are made in Italy, except for their effervescent bath tablets which are produced in France. They pride themselves on the ‘Made in Italy’ mark as an indication of high standards of quality.On their website, I Coloniali lists only the key ingredients, which is a bit of a minus in my books because I love to know what in the product beforehand. However you get the full ingredient list on the box, and inside you also get a flyer with instructions in seven languages: English, Italian, French, German, Russian Chinese and Arabic.

Perfecting light emulsion SPF 15 

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Beta-Glucan, Rice Flour

Fragrance: yes

Texture: lotion

I Coloniali  Perfecting light emulsion it comes in a 50ml glass bottle, has an SPF of 15, which is essential for a day-time moisturizer, and it has a mattifying effect.

A little goes a long way, I only needed a pump - a pump and a half to cover my face and neck. It soaks into the skin almost immediately and leaves the skin feeling and looking super smooth and matte. 

It is fragranced, and because of the scent at first, I thought it is men’s skin care. It is not, they use this sort of sensual hedonistic fragrance on this line. 

It is a lovely scent though, that kind of smell like the niche unisex fragrances where you cant just simply label it as masculine or feminine.

On the plus side if you are struggling to make your man wear moisturizer.. well, give this one a go.

I would recommend this for normal to combo even for the oily skin types if there is no sensitivity to fragrance.

Is SPF 15 really enough? 

SPF of 15 will protect you against 93% of UV rays. An SPF of 30 protects you against 97% of UV rays and SPF 50 against 98%.

So, If you are going to be outdoors all day, then no, you will need an SPF of 50! However, if you are spending your day indoors and only tiny amounts of time outside, then an SPF of 15 is going to be ok.

Always apply your SPF with 20 minutes before going outside and reapply throughout the day. 

Thirst quench sleeping mask

Key ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan, Black Rice, and Angelica Root

Fragrance: yes

Texture: cream-gel

I Coloniali Thirst quench sleeping mask is the product I been trying the most to make it work! However, two weeks after I’m still on the fence if I either love it or not.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s a gorgeous sleeping mask, but I’m a true-dry skin type! That means my skin does not produce any oils by itself, so using it as an overnight mask alone was way too drying for me. Yes, my skin was bright and luminous the morning after; yes, my face looked lifted, but my skin was dryer than Sahara, felt tight and itchy. Not what I was going for!

I also tried layering it with my other products, and that was a bit better, but still not perfect so, I ended up using it as a regular mask.

I apply generously, I leave it on for about 30 minutes, wipe the excess, and continue with my routine. This is the best way for me to use it.

If your skin is normal to combo, you are going to love it. If your skin is dry, I suggest you to leave it on for 30 minutes only or layer it with other products.

Revitalizing Thai Shower Cream

Love at first sight! I Coloniali Revitalizing thai shower cream, by far, my favorite shower gel ever!

The scent is so hypnotizing, tropical, and exotic! A really unique scent! I swear if they ever come up with a fragrance that has this scent, I will buy it in bulk to make sure I never run out of it.

I love the smell, texture, and how it performs. It produces a gorgeous rich lather and leaves the skin feeling clean, revigorated, and moisturized. This is a bit spendy for a body wash, but in my humble opinion, it’s so worth every once in a while.

Article & Photos by Denni Engelen

I Coloniali Skincare can be be purchased online e at Douglas and other various online beauty boutiques...

What would you pick up from this line ? Do you like scented skincare ?

PR samples! The products were gifted to me by leijtensimport, the importer of I Coloniali (and other fantastic skincare brands)


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