New In My Skincare Cupboard: Comfort Zone Skincare

They say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I don’t know about that, all I know is that Comfort Zone Skincare is the new addition in my skincare cupboard and I don’t want that to end.

Comfort Zone Skincare came into my life somewhere mid-June in the form of three gorgeous products from their Hydramemory skin regimen.

It came at the right time, at the beginning of the heatwave with the promise to deeply hydrate, fight the oxidation, heal my skin from the day-to-day pollution and tiredness. I am a true-dry skin type gal so, you can imagine how happy and curious I was about both the brand and the line.

Comfort Zone Skincare Brand

Right – Comfort Zone Skincare, have you heard of it?

Launched in 1996, Comfort Zone is a high-tech Italian skincare brand founded by the pharmacist and cosmetic chemist Dr. David Bollati.
What I love most about Comfort Zone is that while it uses cutting edge, molecular technology also promotes a holistic, soulful, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.
Just to get a sense of the Comfort Zone Skincare ethical roots, their products are made in Italy via renewable electricity, and the packaging is not only gorgeous but also entirely recyclable.

Needless to say, Comfort Zone Skincare is cruelty-free! Europe has banned the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in 2013

One other thing about them, their philosophy is: skin is the mirror of our mental wellbeing.
OMG! How have I never connected the dots!!
I kept complaining lately about my skin turning on me, but now if I think about this year, events did quite a number on me and my mental health.
Indeed, their philosophy is food for the thought! Do you find this true? Have you ever noticed that the way you feel affects your skin?

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Range

New In New In My Skincare Cupboard: Comfort Zone Skincare

The skin natural functions and wellbeing is the base for the Hydramemory line. When skin becomes lacks in moisture and becomes thirsty, it changes the looks from healthy glow to dull and pale. It grows sensitive to external agents, and not only it looks older, but it actually ages more easily.
Here comes the Hydramemory skincare range. Developed according to Comfort Zone rigorous product formulation policy as a 24-hour double hydration system and is made by the aid of finest the and safest natural-origin ingredients combined with the most advanced molecules and carrier systems.
The Hydramemory range is meant for all skin types.
The Active Ingredients:

Biomimetic Fragments of Hyaluronic Acid & Macro Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is well known for its skin benefits.
It alleviates dry skin by replenishing moisture into the dermis, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speed up wound healing. It is not a surprise that a range named Hydramemory is loaded with HA.
Blend of Natural Extracts

Apple, lentil, and watermelon rind are extracted as functional molecules essential for restoration of the skin’s barrier. The blend stimulates and facilitate the transport of water to the cell and promotes optimal diffusion of water within the different layers of the skin.
Moringa Oil sourced from Certified Fair Trade Cultivations

Rich in omegas, it has anti-inflammatory proprieties, it helps to reduce the transepidermal water loss and promotes antioxidant action improving the appearance and radiance of the skin. Moringa Oil is a miracle worker in skincare.


Furthermore, Comfort Zone hydramemory range It’s fragrance-free, free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and animal derivates.


The Comfort Zone Hydramemory range consists of an essence, an eye gel, a mask, along with a serum, cream-gel, and cream.
I have been trying the serum, the eye gel and the cream-gel for the past two months and here are my findings



Comfort Zone Hydramemory Serum

Comfort Zone Skincare Hydramemory Serum

Texture: sorbet
Packaging: Heavy, luxurious, comes with a pump dispenser.
Light sorbet texture that immediately quenches skin’s thirst, giving a fresh sensation leaving the skin visibly more hydrated, fresh and bright.
As a true-dry skin gal, I cannot live without a proper hydration serum, and hydramemory not only didn't disappoint, but it became easy the favorite. A little goes a long way, leaves no residue on the skin, no stickiness no tacky feeling, layers like a dream, and my makeup days were perfect.

Comfort Zone Skincare Hydramemory Serum

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Eye Gel

Comfort Zone Skincare Hydramemory Eye Gel

15ml/0.50 fl.oz
Texture: clear gel
Packaging: Light and elegant squeezing tube, it comes with a metal applicator that ensures both dispersing the right amount of gel and a pleasant and functional application. Perfect for a refreshing light anti-fatigue massage action.
I work in IT, my hobby is blogging&photography, I watch more TV than I would like to admit and for the rest of the time, my eyes are glued to my phone screen. If that sounds familiar to you, you need Comfort Zone Hydramemory Eye Gel in your life.
It truly does wonders on tired-looking eyes.

New In New In My Skincare Cupboard: Comfort Zone Skincare


Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream Gel

Comfort Zone Skincare Hydramemory Moisturizer

Texture: cream-gel
Packaging: Jar
I'm really loving Hydramemory Cream-Gel!
As a true-dry skin type, my face lacks both moisture and oils, so using the Hydramemory Cream Gel by itself is not enough for me. Nighttime I need to top it up with an oil but, is day time is when this gem shows its real power.
Fast absorbing, leaving no residue, layers flawlessly under the sunscreen and makeup and most important the hydration is enough for the day doesn't convert me into a dried prune with constant topping up the sunscreen.

New In New In My Skincare Cupboard: Comfort Zone Skincare


Two months of Comfort Zone Hydramemory and I notices pores looking refined and clean. My skin felt plump, hydrated, soft, supple, and luminous. Summertime skincare holy grail! Next, I'm going to look into booking an appointment for a Comfort Zone facial.

The Comfort Zone products are available at over 20 beauty salons nationwide. Have you tried any Comfort Zone products?


All products available from Comfortzone Skincare

Photos by Denni Engelen



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