Colourpop Big Ole Peach Collection Review

Just launched and already the superstar of Instagram Colourpop Big Ole Peach Collection is here and I have review and swatches for you.

Hello hello, my darlings, how is the summer treating you?

I’m back from vacation and let me tell you, girl.. the post-holiday blues are real.

Going away is blissful, coming home, hum.. yah.. not so much. There is unpacking, laundry to do, catching up on emails, phone calls, ugh girl you name it. And in the top of that ..I need to go back to work, hello post-vacation anxiety. I need some serious help easing back into my everyday life and getting back to my grind!  

Who else here needs a vacation after a vacation?

Colourpop Big Ole Peach Collection

Part of this post-vacation journey is also unboxing blogger all PR packages I got sent while I was away deciding what to keep and what to give away!

Among all Colourpop Big Ole Peach Collection caught my eye, because ..duhh is colourpop and colourpop is always fun! I did share my first impressions immediately in an Instagram post, and now I’m ready to share a more detailed review here. 

Big Ole Peach Collection

Big Ole Peach Collection launched on 22 august 2019, and the whole bundle retails for $72.00. The items can be purchased in a bundle, in different kits or separately. in case you only want an item or two.

Big Ole Peach Collection Bundle Contains:

Bellini BB Kit- purchased separately this kit retails for $12.00 and includes the Bellini BB Lippie Balm and Colourpop newness a peachy Lippie Scrub.

Bellini BB Kit

U Wanna Peach Of Me Kit - purchased separately this Super Shock Shadow Trio retails for $15.00. Shades: 

In axis

Finish Ultra-Glitter

Shade Orange/Coral

Net Weight 2.1g (0.074oz)

6 AM

Finish Ultra-Metallic

Shade Orange/Coral

Net Weight 2.1g (0.074oz)

Golden Hour

Finish Ultra-Metallic

Shade Gold

Net Weight 2.1g (0.074oz)

U Wanna Peach Of Me Kit

Peach, Please! Kit - purchased separately, this Lippie Tint Crayon bundle retails for $12.00.

I never got to talk about ColourPop Lippie Tint Crayons, but I’m a big fan of the formula. It contains Passion Fruit Oil, Coconut Oil, Marula Oil, and Shea Butter to provide hydration for healthy, glowy lips with just a hint of tint, perfect for school, office, running errands anytime you need some TLC for the lips but also a touch of glam. Shades: 

Gimme S’ more

Finish Glossy

Shade Pinks

Net Weight 2.10g (0.07oz)

Rise N Shine

Finish Glossy

Shade Oranges/Corals

Net Weight 2.10g (0.07oz)

Peach, Please! Kit

Nothing On Kit - purchased separately, this bundle retails for $15.00, and it contains the brown BFF Liquid Liner, Grande, with her matching sis, Brownie Points BFF Mascara.

Nothing On Kit

3 Matching Pressed Powder Blushes that can be purchased separately for $8.00 each. Shades 

Perk Up 

Finish Matte

Shade Pinks, Orange/Coral

Net Weight 6.0g (0.21oz)

Frisky Business

Finish Matte

Shade Neutrals

Net Weight 6.0g (0.21oz)

Fresh N’ Peachy  

Finish Matte

Shade Oranges/Corals

Net Weight 6.0g (0.21oz)

Colourpop Pressed Powder Blushes

And of course, the star of this collection the Baby Got Peach Shadow Palette - purchased separately it retails for $12.00.

Colourpop Baby Got Peach Shadow Palette

Baby Got Peach is a 9 pans palette, and the shades have 3 different finishes, perfect for creating a soft peachy look.

Baby Got Peach 

What is

9 pan EyeShadow Palette

How much do you get

Pressed Powders 8 x 0.90 g (0.03 oz)

 Pressed Glitter 1 x 0.90 g (0.03 oz)


Glitter, Metallic, Matte

Color Story

Oranges/Corals, Neutrals, Golds


  • Darlin’: pale peachy orange

  • Hungry Ghost: opal with a gold duochrome shift

  • Perky: light pinky peach

  • Get Even: vibrant peachy pink with a bright gold flip

  • Centerfold: vibrant coral

  • Glaze It: mid-tone metallic peach with a golden sheen

  • Okurr: peachy terracotta

  • Ready Or Yacht: icy tangerine

  • Half Baked: rust

Colourpop Big Ole Peach Collection

Retail price


Where to buy

My experience, Blendability and Wear time

It is a big color trend now, I give you that, but as a medium-toned person, Peach and pastels would not be my first choice. Peach is supposed to provide you with a warm, yet skin-brightening glow yet on me it either doesn’t show and forcing me to build it up ending up with a clownish look or makes me look 10 years older than I am. Neither of the above is a look I go for.

And because for the seek of the review I played with it and swatched it, I could not put it in a giveaway, but instead, I gift it to one of my teenage nieces’ which she was over the moon happy, and also provided me with her insights.

As usual, the eyeshadows are colourpop quality, soft and buttery, pigmented, and, they blend like an absolute dream. Not going to lie, there is quite a bit of fallout, so I recommend using an eyeshadow base and doing your eyes first and then continue with the face to avoid a ruined base. 

There is also the infamous pressed glitter shade that is labeled as “Not Eye Safe” pretty please don’t use the shade Hungry Ghost anywhere around your eyes! Glitter near your eye is extremely dangerous as glitters are just tiny pieces of plastic that can cut your eye. No look is worth risking your eye health.

Other than that if you like peach color ... go for it! 



Made in


Colourpop Big Ole Peach Collection

What are your thoughts on the Colourpop’s Big Ole Peach Collection? Have you purchased anything yet? What do you think about pressed glitter eyeshadows? 

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Article & Photos by Denni Engelen

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