Colourpop Main Squeeze Review - Eyeshadow Palette

Colourpop is 5 years old yayy!
Happy birthday Colourop Cosmetics, thank you for bringing colors in our lives and making quality makeup so affordable

So, yes, you guessed right  today I have Colourpop Main Squeeze Review, the gorgeous 9 pan palette watermelon themed  part of their birthday collection

Last Friday I asked on Instagram if either I should review the Main Squeeze palette from Colourpop and to my surprise a ton of you said YES. Why was I surprised? Because I have seen over and over pictures of the palette and the swatches all over insta and the colors didn’t seem so wearable to me,  at least not on my pale ashy olive skin.
Colourpop Main Squeeze Review

But since you guys wanted me to swatch and review the palette Sunday morning, I placed the order.
Yesterday, I  received a very recognizable red box, and I was jumping of joy because my order was supposed to take 3 to 5 days to even be dispatched and then travel all the way to the Netherlands, pass the customs .. and usually takes like 2 weeks to get it. That if I’m lucky!

But upon opening the box, I soon realized is not my Colourpop order but a PR gift from them.
The Colourpop discount coupon card was placed right on top of everything, thats how i knew. By the way, my Colourpop discount code is 5denisa and is not an affiliate code. That means you can enjoy a 5% off of selected items, but I’m not making any money of it. Is just for you guys, I love it when I can score some discounts for you.
So this is not my purchase is a PR, but nevertheless, now I can finally swatch it and play with it.
Colourpop Main Squeeze Review

To my surprise, in daylight, the Main Squeeze palette is more wearable than I first thought yet gorgeously vibrant.
I don’t often wear reds, red is a pretty intimidating color for me even though I always receive tons of compliments when I do. So it is easy to understand how shocked I was to like the palette.
Thank you again Colouropop for pushing me out of my comfort zone

Here I want to take a moment to answer your question: where to buy Colourpop in store: In the states, you can purchase Colourpop at Ulta, sorry babes Colourpop is not in Sephora.
In Europe, however, you can only buy Colourpop online at They offer free international delivery on orders above 50$.  Keep in mind that in top of your order you may have to pay customs duties.

That being said, let’s get back to The Big, Juicy Birthday Collection.
Upon opening the box, I found :
Main Squeeze Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette
Dear Summer kit: Supernova Eyeshadow and mini Glitterally Obsessed
Melonade Ultra Matte Lip
Slice of Life Lip Bundle: Fresco Ultra Glossy Lip  and Swing Away medium coverage matte lipstick
Glitterally Obsessed Trippin on Skies
Birthday Treat Super Shock Shadow
Today I’m going to review the Main Squeeze Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette , so without further ado, let’s get into the review.



Colourpop Main Squeeze Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette Review

What is

Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette
Birthday edition
How much do you get

9 pans of 1 g each (0.04 oz)

5 mattes, 4 metallics
Colourpop Main Squeeze Review

Color Story

Reds, Oranges/Corals, Golds, Pinks, Purples
Main Squeeze Eyeshadow Palette Shade range

Frosè: Matte coral red
Juicy Fruit: Metallic coral with a gold flip
Home Slice: Metallic strawberry red
Like It’s Hot: Matte true red
Maraschino: Metallic red with a gold flip
Big Gulp: Matte burnt coral red
Seed Money: Matte red-brown
Bay Watch: Metallic red bronze
Red Bottoms: Matte red plum
Retail price

Where to buy

Colourpop Main Squeeze Review


Main Squeeze Eyeshadow Palette Blendability and Wear time

The bendability of Main Squeeze palette is excellent, The colors are intense, pigmentation is on point yet the fallout is minimal, and the eyeshadows blend like a dream even on my 44years old eyelids.
For testing purposes I have tried both with a primer (mac paint pot) and without and the colors blended effortlessly in both situations and I found that when I’m using a primer, the colors remain vibrant for a longer time.

Colourpop Main Squeeze Review

Vegan/Cruelly free

Made in
Colourpop Main Squeeze Review

So that was my Colourpop Main Squeeze Review
At the end of the day, Main Squeeze is a gorgeous palette to have, especially if you like creative makeup looks and you are not afraid to wear a bold eye look!
Did you purchase anything from ColourPop The Big, Juicy Birthday Collection?

You can purchase  Colouropop  makeup and skincare   at

international shipping available on orders above $50

Use code 5denisa  for 5% discount   

Article & Photos by Denni Engelen

This post contains PR samples generously provided to me by and is not sponsored. I take my product review seriously, all opinions are 100% my own!
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If you feel  uncomfortable clicking my links , no worries, you can search the products by names in google. I hope you enjoy my blog posts, thank you for reading me.


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