Aluminum free Hold Me deocream Review

I finally made the switch to aluminum free deodorant. Yay to me! But I must say life has not been the same for this girl.  Keep reading for early menopause problems, hot flashes, and my review on Aluminum free Hold Me deocream.

This post is going to bring us back to the end of January when generously sent me their new releases including the Aluminium free Hold Me deocream.
I love the brand; I love what they stand for so you can imagine how happy I was to be testing their new releases.
On my shame I have been all my life stuck with the regular deodorants, I never made the switch so in a way it was good to test this deodorant with a fresh perspective but on the other hand, I had nothing to compare it with.  So that's a quick explanation on why this took me so long to test it out, well that and some life problems I'm going to talk in another post.

I feel like I need to begin by telling you that I am not by any means a sweaty type.
My perspiration level is minimal, and for most of my life I could go without deodorants, but life had changed when my body decided to go early in menopause, and hot flashes entered my life changing my relation with deodorants.  Now I need a deodorant DAILY. And I need a good one! Fail is not an option.

Not only early menopause changed my need for deodorants but it also changed the way I look at products. I feel less inclined to apply harsh chemicals so close to my breasts and more willing to try the natural alternatives.

Here enters this little gem Aluminum free Hold Me deocream
Before I get in the review, It's essential to mention that deodorant and antiperspirant are not the same things.

Antiperspirants prevent sweating as in the sweat wetness, whereas deodorants are there to kill the bacteria that mixes with sweat and develops the unpleasant odor.
By themselves, antiperspirants can make you smell worse that's why we need a combination of both.
So Aluminum free Hold Me deocream it isn't a heavy-duty antiperspirant although it  will regulate some of the excessive sweating, it is as the name says a deodorant.
What I'm saying is that if you have an excessive wet sweat  Aluminum free Hold Me deocream is not going to help you a lot but if you are only concerned about the bad odors than you may want to take a closer look at it.

You can purchase products  at  

They are only available online at the moment but they offer international shipping 

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What is it
deodorant cream


regulate excessive sweating, neutralizes strong odor and makes you feel fresh

Scent Notes

Ingredient list

Cocos Nucifera Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Sodium Bicarbonate, Maranta Arundinacea Root Powder, Primula Veris Extract, Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Linalool,  Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil, Citral, Limonene, Geraniol.

Formulated without
Aluminium, Parabens, Sulfates, Alcohol, Silicone

Where to buy

How much do you get

30ml/ 1fl.oz

Retail price
€ 12.50

Cruelty Free / Vegan

Gluten Free 

What did I like about?

Packaging: Aluminum free Hold Me deocream comes in a little plastic jar with a wooden spatula. The packaging is cute and good quality with their beautiful minimalist design. When purchasing products, you are given the option to purchase with or without the cardboard box. While purchasing with it provides a more luxurious feeling, purchasing without unnecessary packaging saves the mother earth.

When you say you say minimal ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free and bio, handpicked herbs and small batches. All that natural goodness we crave more and more. And their Aluminum free Hold Me deocream does not disappoint.  With key ingredients as sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot, calendula, alchemilla, and field horsetail powder the deodorant not only will protect from bad odor but will also regulate the sweating while supporting body's natural detoxifying process.

Cream to powder texture Aluminum free Hold Me deocream is pleasant to the touch. I scoop a pea size amount, and I rub it on to my armpits. While in the jar the deodorants stay creamy once rubbed onto the skin it will dry up quick give a powder dry finish.

Aluminum free Hold Me deocream smells light and floral patchouli being the dominant note. The scent is powerful enough to have armpits smelling delicious, yet delicate to not interfere with your fragrance.

I usually start my days at 5.30 am with a quick shower and my day ends at about 22.30.  Unless I go to the gym or to the pool, I don't get to shower in-between. My regular days are low to moderate activity level. I have a desk job. I also do the daily chores around the house, and I walk my pets twice a day. My hobby is photography.
Why I'm telling you this is to have an idea on how much physical activity i get on a given day.
On a regular no gym no challenging photography day Aluminum free Hold Me deocream is going to protect me with a 95% efficacy. The other 5% are to blame on hot flashes. If you never had them, first you are either young or incredibly lucky but long story short not all hot flashes are created equal. Some are going to make one sweat more than others.
On a gym day, I'm going to be stinky and gross after my cardio, but then again most people are sweaty at the gym so not excessively embarrassed about it. My usual cardio is running about 30-40 minutes

What I didn’t like about
Call me old fashion, but I prefer deodorants that come in a  stick or roller form.  But that's about it. Other than that  Hold Me is a  beautiful aluminum-free natural deodorant

Would I repurchase?
Yes I would

Final note :

If you are going to switch from the old fashioned deodorants formula to the natural ones, I would suggest to do it when you don't have a very challenging period in your life. I warn you don't try it before going on a date or a job interview.  At the beginning of the transition, you are going to experience a little more odor while your pits detox !! I'm not the biggest fan of the word detox but I haven't found any better one. This process is different for everyone!! So my advice is to be patient and be consistent with the process, it’s well worth it. 

You can purchase products  at  

They are only available online at the moment but they offer international shipping 

Use code Denni10 for 10% discount   

Article & Photos by Denni Engelen

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  1. Wonderful review Denni! I tried a few natural deodorants before but I never found one that im 100% happy with. I would give this one a try even if only for the name. so snuggle

  2. Love the foto's , makes me think about vacation! always love reading your reviews