Taking Myself Off All the PR Lists

Hello and welcome back to myglowjourney! I have been really quiet for the last couple of days and the reason why is that I have been busy … taking myself off all the PR lists and closing my accounts with agencies that provided me with PR samples of beauty products!

A lot of things has happened to me in this time (sorry for the emotional writing )  and about some of them I don't want to talk just yet but after lots of thinking  and one sleepless night I came to the conclusion  that taking myself of the PR lists is the best thing to do and maybe the only way to gain my sanity back.
That’s right myglowjourney will no longer accept PR samples/gifted products. Not for the blog, not for Instagram, not for my other social media! Now, in the name of transparency, I still have few products on the way  ( about 12 I believe ) and a cupboard full products that were gifted to me and I will mark them with "*gifted" when they appear on my feed, but from now on I will just buy my own stuff.
No, I did not win the lottery and I’m not rich ( not even close) so there will be a significant reduction on the products that will appear on my blog and my social media.

What Now?

Obviously, fewer products will affect my feed so there will translate in fewer reviews and more creative & lifestyle posts.
While accepting no PR will force me to transition from a review blog to a lifestyle/personal blog, I will not quit reviewing beauty products or talking about my skin routine. I’m not going to quit being obsessed with skincare but most probably I will tone down from a thousand steps routine to few and great ones.
So, more of me and fewer products!


Because I like to live a simpler life rather than be in a constant hype of the newest release! Also, this huge rotation of products is not me!
The more things I have the more stressed I become and the less creative I become! When I started to share my skincare/beauty journey I start it as a hobby! I start it because I love photography and playing with the camera and because I loved to show you the world through my eyes, share my experiences. But the more PR showed up at my doorstep the least of that I did. And I'm not even a big blogger for God's sake!
At this point, all the products piling up on my desk are just a stressing ball of deadlines more than a hobby and that's not OK!
Not proud of it

I am   thankful for every and each of you to and sending lots of love to the ones who are by my side liking me  for me the way I am.

Also, I want to take a moment and thank to all the awesome brands who collaborated with me and generously sent me their products to try them out. I have been truly lucky, blessed and spoilt to be able to work with the most awesome brands out there!  Thank You



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