Clean Beauty| Skylar Isle Fragrance Review

In case you ask me if I got crazy and I review a summer fragrance in February, well...It was the cold and grey January that forced me to dream about sun sea and peaceful sunny places where you don’t need five layers of clothing before even attempting to go out.

So hello, hello my darlings and welcome back to the blog today I have for you, not a skincare item, not makeup but : Clean Beauty| Skylar Isle Fragrance Review
I got this delicious fragrance from Skylar via Octoly, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. For starters this is not an ordinary fragrance, this is a hypoallergenic fragrance:  it has no synthetic dyes is phthalate free, vegan, cruelty-free, natural, sustainably sourced ingredients and is made in the USA.  That is what it made me want to try it because honestly, this is the second fragrance of the genera that I encounter.Also, because January through April all my allergies are blooming so, it made sense to try to stay away from the things that may trigger allergies
For the ones that are not familiar with the brand Skylar Body is an LA-based company, they are all natural, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and very environmentally friendly. My heart fills with joy when meet brands like Skylar Body.
Skylar Isle Fragrance

Their website is user friendly, and there is a fun quiz to have you find the fragrance that best suits you, and a  great article on how to layer scents. If you still don't know what you like they  have  a sample palette  that you can purchase  for $20  try all their six fragrances and  these $20  will count as credit  that can be used on a full-sized perfume purchase. Pretty good deal !
Skylar Body scents  are:
Arrow - Spicy, warm, and seductive
Capri - Sparkling, zesty, and sweet
Coral - Fruity, floral, and flirty
Isle - Clean, dewy, and fresh
Meadow - Floral, elegant, and beautiful
Willow - Woodsy, lush, and cool

Skylar Isle Fragrance

Back to the Isle fragrance, is a bright clean and fresh scent perfect for when you want a lightweight smell,  although it has a lovely silage and projection  is not one of these fragrances that will overpower.
Is this for you if you know you are allergic to fragrances, you are a mama with a baby allergic to perfumes, you are on the market for more clean scents,  you just want to try something new.

Name: Isle

House: Skylar

Perfumer Sarah Horowitz

What is it: Extrait de Parfum

Release date: 2017

How much do you get: 1.7 oz / 50 ml

Retail price: USD 78.00,

Where to buy:

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Cardamom
MIDDLE NOTES: Orange, Peony, Ginger Root, Musk
BASE NOTES: Sandalwood

How long does it stay put: on my skin, this fragrance lasts for 4-6 hours, I need to reapply, but I don’t mind it much

What type of smell: Clean Dewy Fresh

Ingredients organic sugar cane alcohol denat., parfum / fragrance (Skylar's own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils), aqua / water / eau, bergamot, cardamom, sandalwood.

Limited edition/permanent collection: permanent collection

Season: all seasons
Skylar Isle Fragrance

I'm looking forward to trying some other scents from Skylar Body! Have you tried anything from them yet? How do you feel about clean fragrances?

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