Self-Care Friday The Winter Edition

So it happens that Friday is my day off and my husband most busy day of the week, so I'm all alone. It was only a logical to become self-care Friday.
So, today I'm going to walk you through my self-care Friday ritual, the winter edition of it.

Mostly I don't go that extra, but after the holidays I feel like some extra care is needed, in the end, I think I might have eaten my weight in cookies, mini pies, cheese, and crackers. It didn't use to be a problem before but as I'm getting older I feel like if I eat unhealthy for two-three days in a row, I become sluggish bloated and I have a general feeling of anxiety and fatigue.
I’m ready to just sit in the bathtub; sip water with rosemary and lemon instead of prosecco,  have some meditation music in the background,  light a candle put a mask on and enjoy the silence for a few hours.

…that is what this post is about.... the ultimate self-care beauty routine… at home spa experience.....

Friday Schedule
For the last two years, Friday have been my day off, it used to be my go to the gym and spa day, but last year in November I decided to learn to swim. I did not learn to swim as a kid,  as an adult not only that I did not dare to but I also developed anxiety, so last year I decided just to do it. I signed up for a swimming class for adults at the local pool. Yay me! So now instead of the gym and spa is swimming day. Basically, this is the only thing I have scheduled for the day one hour of swimming, and if I am in the mood, I will hang out for another half hour in the jacuzzi. I don't do it all the time though.
If you want me to talk about learning how to swim as an adult and dealing with swimming/ deep water anxiety let me know down in the comments and I will talk about.

Setting the mood

Setting the mood imperative here.
I start the day by dialing into self-care setting, no coffee but a matcha tea with unroasted almond milk and because I don't live in a sunny place I turn on my light therapy device, and I allow myself to close my eyes and sip my matcha in quiet and imagine myself somewhere on the beach. Needless to say that I muted my phone prior this. No internet, no notifications monster is allowed!
And because it is a self-pampering day and swimming for one hour is intensive. I will prepare myself a  big healthy smoothie bowl.
Just after breakfast I will dress up and drive to the pool for one hour of fun in the water. I'm still learning but is fun, and I made a ton of progress that I'm happy and proud about.

Once I'm back home, I let the chill beast unleash! I light my favorite candle; I wedge my phone behind the taps of the bath not before choosing my meditation playlist, I fill the tub with hot water while cleansing my face, scrubbing my body and apply a pre-shampooing treatment into my hair! A big glass of rosemary lemon water, neck pillow and few drops of my favorite essential oils and I'm ready to boil myself like a potato.
No joking I like my water to be quite hot.

Bath and Body Care

I guess you can do this in the shower but not me; I do love me a nice long hot bath. Something is very soothing about a nice long warm bath and scented candles combination, that absolutely lush moment of pampering that seals the day no matter how rotten day has been.
Because it is a pampering day, I will use a  mixture of salts and oils to get that perfect balance of aromatherapy and hydration.
Magnesium flakes and Himalayan salts a drop or two of whatever tickles my pickle, essential oil. I mostly tend to choose rosemary, frankincense, roses or tangerine. One of them, I don't mix that much mainly because I want to be able to smell the scent of my Rituals Incense candle.
Not that it smells great and it feels great, I'm going to treat my hair with a scalp massage with  Delizioso Orange Blossom Hair Elixir and tie it up in a bun.
Now I am ready to put myself to work in an attempt to clean my body of all dry skin cells. I start from the bottom and work up scrubbing my body with the Vanilla Plum Sugar Glow from Skin, An Apothecary on an exfoliation mitt. After giving myself a soft but solid scrub. I wash my hands, and I apply a liberal amount of  Eve Lom Cleanser, I massage into the skin with upward motions and clean it off with a hot cloth. Now I'm ready to close my eyes and let myself relax in the bathtub.
Once I’m out I jump in the shower and wash my hair soak it in conditioner and I give myself a quick clean with the  La Roche-Posay Lipikar Shower Gel, shave file the soles, rinse all with lukewarm water, go wrap myself in towels and ham on the moisture.
The Soy Body Whip from Skin, An Apothecary, is an absolute game-changer when it comes to keeping skin nice, soft and hydrated. I apply a thick layer and then wrap myself in my bathrobe, apply some Eucerin Repairing Foot Cream and pop some fluffy socks on.  The fluffier, the better.  If I'm in the mood to go an extra step, I will spray some Satin Oil for Body & Hair from diptyque and massage it into my skin. It smells divine and gives my skin an extra boost of moisture and glow without making me feel greasy.

Face Care

Everything starts with a good cleanse. A good cleanse is half of the routine, and the trick is to find yourself the perfect cleanser. For me that is Eve Lom Cleanser, potent cleanses the skin perfectly but yet gentle, not stripping it or overly dring it.  After washing with a warm towel, is time to mask and when it comes about masking, I prefer multimasking because I love being a little bit extra. I have a few on a rotation that I pick between, but today would be Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels from Skyn Iceland for my eyes and Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask for my face neck and decollete, this last one is not for faint hearted but its so worth the burn.  Once I removed the masks, I’ll spray on an absolute shedload of the Eve Lom Radiance Face Mist and carry on with my face routine.  I gently pat in the  Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum from Perricone MD,  apply gently  the  Eyelid Lift Serum, the  Smoothing & Brightening Under-Eye Cream, from the same line, top everything of with a liberal amount of  Stratia Liquid Gold, and finish with a drop or two of Face Hero Face Oil  from Go To Skincare just  to lock the moisture in.

Hair Care

Eight out of ten times I use the CAVIAR Anti-Aging Restructuring BOND REPAIR Leave-in Overnight Serum from Alterna Haircare the night before, sometimes it happens to forget but mostly not. This serum is Alterna take on Olaplex, basically does the same thing, only in my opinion they do it better.
Before stepping in the bath I have previously massaged my scalp with the Delizioso Orange Blossom Hair Elixir, I tend to have a dry, itchy scalp, and whenever I massage this onto my scalp, I can notice the difference.
I was my hair thoroughly with SYOSS Volume Lift Shampoo, and I condition it with CHI Argan Oil Rejuvenating Masque that deeply nourishes and repairs my hair thanks to the essential vitamins and antioxidants that not only replenish moisture but also restores shine and smooths frizz while improving hair’s overall luster and appearance.
After my hair is towel dry, I apply a bit of  CAVIAR Anti-Aging Restructuring BOND REPAIR Leave-in Heat Protection Spray, and I brush it.
My hair is dry,  frizzy and curly so here comes the styling part, I will blow dry my hair and straighten it with the BioSilk 1” Titanium Professional Hairstyling iron that combines the power of ceramic and titanium elements for the smoothest, silkiest straightening results. All this process is going to take me 15 minutes tops, and I do it every five-six days.
Once my hair is styled, I  take a few drops of Hair Serum for Shine and Smoothness from Hair La Vie warm it between my fingers and run my hands through my hair ensuring an even application. This will not only lock in the moisture but will make my hair shiny glass-like and healthy looking.


While I was doing all that I was slugging down a pint of water to stop myself from dehydrating after a boiling bath, the shower and the whole face, hair and body treatments. Now that I'm clean smooth like a baby bottom and relaxed time to get in my loungewear and slippers, apply a generous amount of Hand Relief hand cream from Aveda and walk downstairs for another cup of matcha latte and a green loaded salad while watching either youtube or one of my favorite Tv shows.
If you noticed that I didn't do anything for my hails is because I do the professionally at the salon every three to four weeks.
 If I feel energetic, I will do a simply relaxing yoga routine or put some clothes on and take a walk in the park but for most of the times the day will be dedicated to naps, reading or whatever tickles my pickle.

Is quality me time day!

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