My current workout routine

Hello there, welcome back to the blog! Today I have for you my workout routine or better said the struggle of getting a workout routine when you are forty-four and bonus I will show you guys what’s in my gym bag

current workout routine

Ever since the home remodeling, my workout routine has been pretty nonexistent! In fact, I can say that in 2018 I was horrendous with keeping up with my workouts.
At first, it was a horrible shin splint that prevented me from running for more than 3 months than the struggle to get back on it. When I finally was able to run a bit, we started the downstairs renovations which were literally eating my time and all my energy. Between home remodeling and work, there was nothing else left so from September to November that was pretty much zero workouts. No workout and a poor diet took a token on my body shape, and my weight went out of control. In a desperate attempt to get back on a routine I started to take some yoga classes, but eventually, I gave up after a month because the hours did not fit my schedule.

I don’t live in a big city, and the small-town offers are somewhat limited, so 2019 caught me out of shape, tired and being inconsistent with my workout and diet…don't know what to say ... is called life
The only sport I really enjoy is running, sneakers on, playlist ready, earbuds and go and this worked out for me quite well ... until it didn’t work anymore
Facing the truth that I’m not able to sport on a schedule and I hate having the extra steps in-between (driving few miles to the gym for example) I started to look for alternative things that I can fit in my schedule that gives me the workout my body needs.

Exploring options
I love to run but at the moment is not the right weather for it. I know you can run in the cold rain and in the snow but I rather not, so I have starting to explore what other options I have.
As I said earlier, I live in a small town, there is barely anything around me, but I’m lucky there is a gym 10 minutes’ drive from me which is not bad at all. Is a nice big gym that offers basic fitness and lots of different group fitness classes, Pilates, Yoga etc., and there is a small spa (sauna, pool, Jacuzzi).
I feel like my fitness level is very low now and I have to start from scratch so at this point, I’m alternating between working out on my own 30 minutes cardio 20 minutes weights lifting and exploring different fitness classes that have a beginner level, and I try to find something I can fall in love with.
By now I can say I prefer classes with a bit more of cardio-heavy workouts but not so much dancing workouts, really, I’m tone deaf and I have no rhythm like seriously seeing me dancing is heavy on the eye. LoL. Still, I have fallen in love with power yoga, and I’m suffering a bit for the fact that at this moment I can’t follow a class (the hours are really off for me), so I’m busy trying to find YouTube yoga videos that fits my level and my style.
I think it is safe to say that my workout routine is more of a search for a routine at this point, and that is ok as long I keep moving and doing something.

What Is In My Gym Bag

Just like  when you travel and carry one your routine with you I feel like gym requires a routine  and  here is mine
Things I can’t go to the gym without :

I haven’t purchased decent workout headphones, I'm still using the ones I used when I was running, and that’s ok because they are good and comfortable.
current workout routine

Reusable Water Bottle
Hydration is the king, and I don’t like buying bottled water (lucky to live in an area with clean tap water)  so maybe a bit disappointing because my bottle isn’t fancy, but is a solid, reusable water bottle which I actually got was as a gift  when I purchased the monthly subscription for the swimming lessons.  Not fancy but practical

Hand Sanitizer
Better to be safe than sorry, right? Not much to say about this one

Hair Bands
I have long hair, and I don’t want my hair to stick to my sweaty face when I workout so I usually go to the gym in a ponytail or a high bun. I always carry extra  hair bands   for just in case

Mini Toiletries
Guess they are pretty self-explanatory, nothing beats a shower at home, but if you have to shower at the gym, having your favorite products that make you feel like home works too! I like using these minis from rituals cosmetics, and my natural deodorant

Face Mist
Face mist is a purse, travel, beach bag,  gym bag, at home routine essential staple! At least for me. The days starts and ends with a good face mist. It’s like a  burst of hydration and comfort my face needs after a workout.

Hyaluronic Acid and An oil to lock all in
Dry skin savior and my holy grail.  Mist HA mist lock in with oil  that is my face routine simplified

So there you have it! This is what I always carry in my gym bag. Of course, there is also towels  and clean undies and occasionally a few makeup items, few perfume samples is if I choose to workout  in my lunch break. So what’s in YOUR gym bag? Let me know below!


  1. you look great!im not very sporty myself so i understand the struggle

  2. Glad you’re back gorgeous ������

  3. Oh so cuuute such a precious fur baby you have!