Happy 2019 Everyone

Happy 2019 Everyone

I couldn't let the day go without saying Happy 2019 Everyone! The new year has just started!

There’s something about January that gives me anxiety and gets me excited at the same time.
I know I should find it exciting and inspiring because it is new, but for most of the part, January is  a constant battle with the winter blues

But this year I shall do my best to stay positive and keep up with blogging, maybe even transition to video making a dream of mine  that never got realized because i don't know a  damn thing about video editing

I tried an online course, but I lack in the self-discipline of actually follow the course, so im looking for a classic course where I'm free from distractions of at home environment.
And maybe it is for the best because blogging is beautiful and creative, but it can get pretty lonely sometimes.

I’m going to try and focus more on the reviews and quality of my posts and take my camera with me on my travels. I have been shying away from doing it before because im certainly not that kind of blogger who has the most stylish outfit and the hair perfectly done in all the photos but who cares life is not perfect, I certainly not perfect I only can try to do best at getting some more lifestyle shots. This year i want to master self-portrait photography anyways my passion for photography is a big part of me being here now. That's a part of my 2019 “blogging strategy”!
Now I'm going to put on some pants and do my new year walk aka walking the dog,  before heading to the family dinner.

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve last night and enjoyed New Year’s Day!
Happy 2019 Everyone

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