Best Skincare finds in 2018

Hello everyone welcomes back to myglowjourney! 2019 just started but before jumping in, I want to take a moment and share with you my best skincare finds in 2018

I have been lucky enough to be able to try a ton of products this year, and I'm going to split them in two categories  skincare and makeup, and I will  show you my best finds from each group with a mini speed review on them

So, because it's going to be a long post  without further ado  lets jump straight into it 

DoubleDare OMGVC vitamin c serum, I have  been talking about this one before, you can find the review HERE

Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask, hands down my favorite mask, I have a mini review on it HERE

Sunday Riley Juno the only thing that kept me from reviewing this one is because everyone and their mother already have wrote about. But one thing sure this oil is worth talking about. It has made a tremendous change in my skin, and because of it, I started to get more into luxury face oils.

Retinol/tretinoin, this year I decided to start on prescription retinol, well prescription is much to say because what I'm using is Airol  0.05 tretinoin a friend of mine brought me from Greece where apparently you can just buy it without prescription.

With the use of tretinoin can come some skin irritations and a friend of mine recommended me madecanol cream that I purchased from, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Life savior

Biologique Recherche  p50 1970, in the skincare community this baby is the golden standard for an acid exfoliation and unless you live in the US, is not easy to grab a bottle of this.  I bought mine from Rescue Spa NY  and is true, it is a facial in a bottle.  I'm completely hooked on this beauty

Stratia Liquid Gold, this one fits into Instagram made me buy it category and is one of these products that are not only worth the hype but is not hyped to its real worth. Dry skin must have

Pixi Glow tonic, I used to say that my face doesn't get along with glycolic because I never tried a glycolic toner that did it for me. I have stuck my old ways with either bled of acids or lactic acid that until I meet Pixi’s glow tonic and that was it. A superb formula for everyday gentle exfoliation

Amore Pacific Radiance oil holy grail face oil for daytime use. Silky absorbs fast leaving the skin a bit tacky to the touch which also makes it as a perfect hydrating primer. Every time I use this oil my makeup is flawless. Yes it has a hefty price tag but no other oil  made my skin so plump and my makeup so flawless

Go to Skincare Hero face oil, beautiful for no makeup days or Pm routine this oil leaves my skin plump and luminous and locks the hydration in like a charm.

Tilk Bio facial Serum – I have previously reviewed this, you can read it HERE

Eve Lom cleanser one of the best cleansers I have tried, thick, luxurious melts like butter in contact with skin, smells like a honeycomb and leaves skin  not only perfectly clean but also soft and supple. It does remove makeup very well but is quite expensive, so I use it as a 2nd cleanser

Heimish all clear balm – best balm cleanser.  Removes even the most stubborn makeup without being drying or stripping the skin. No breakouts no irritation just perfection in a jar. Also affordable.

Perricone MD cold plasma plus, I have previously reviewed   both  cold plasma products, you can read the review HERE

Perricone MD Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione line or THE BEST LINE EVER, I'm going to review this line soon, but for now, I can tell you this if the price is not a problem for you get it now. I am so impressed with the deep crease serum and the eye cream, but the whole line is beautiful and delivers.

Ren evercalm cleanser, best morning cleanser/ 2nd cleanser super gentle it does the job without irritating the skin. Highly recommend if you experience retinol/ acid sensitivity.

What are your skincare best finds in 2018?

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