Cosy Christmas at Home

This year we chose to have a cosy Christmas at home, just the two of us on the sofa,   with our pets around, watching all the Christmas classic movies.  A much-deserved long overdue break  that we were looking forward to it  for months

Cosy Christmas at Home

Some of you know from my Instagram stories we were renovating a big part of the house this year and we only finished at the end of November. We did most of the stuff ourselves, in our free time so you can imagine that we were beyond exhausted.
Cosy Christmas at Home

The beginning of December came with tons of work and deadlines, birthdays and family events to attend so we were counting the days until the Christmas vacation.
Cosy Christmas at Home

 It still going to be some work in-between  Christmas and new year,  and I kept my volunteering work hours in full, but for the main part, it will be an end of the year stay-cation.

We are going to go to a spa,  one night out for movies and dinner but for the main evenings  Christmas and New Year we chose to be alone, just the two of us no gifts no fuss just relaxing and pampering ourselves.

I’ve been burning my  Tiziana Terenzi wooden-wick Vele candle almost every night, and I love how it fills the room with its  warm scent.

Time to sip from my favorite tea, catching up on reading finally, .. by the way, what are you reading?

Fluffy pajamas (I'm i too old to wear pajamas with ears ? ... well who cares ) is the outfit of the day, and we are taking turns on making hot chocolate and cooking  our fav dishes or just sitting in front of our Christmas tree and watching Love Actually, The Polar Express  and It's a Wonderful Life .

What does your cosy Christmas night in involve?

Wishing you a  wonderful Christmas just the way you want it!

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