My favorite skincare products to transition from fall to winter

As my wardrobe starts changing  pushing the tops and tees  far back  to make room for the  chunky knits and  warm sweaters  the  preparation for  the colder season it started. And not only in my wardrobe  but also in my  beauty and skincare routine.

The perfect time for me to switch the bright colors in favor to nude hues  and vampy darker shades and  reintroduce rich oils and thicker moisturizers.
My skin has this bad habit to react to everything  from the sunshine to the lack of it ,  to happiness and stress to  hormones  beards pollution news  and the simply existence of me. you name it . my skin reacts to freaking anything .  and by reacting  I mean goes from well behaved to impossibly dry and  desperately dehydrated in flat 2 seconds...ok ok I'm  being a drama here .. one day , but I  swear one time  this summer my skin changed from  normal to creepy dry during a 2 h train  travel. 
So knowing that  for the next 6 months  my life will be  mostly indoors  subjected to the  artificial  lighting and heat ,  blue light screen radiation and   twice a day cold wind ( one must walk the dog )  I'm trying to  do my beat in preventing  the  autumn-related skin concerns,  luckily  there is an there are an array of beauty products that  will  keep my skin  relatively happy throughout the season.



Vitamin C




What beauty products have you incorporated into your fall-winter skincare and routine?

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  1. So gorgeous!! ♥️♥️ i love your product choices