ColourPop Fortune Pressed Powder Shadow Palette Review and Swatches

Hey babes, how is the winter treating you? In the mood for a  ColourPop Fortune Pressed Powder Shadow Palette Review and Swatches?

Having genetically dry skin is a curse and a blessing even when comes about makeup, yes I'm able to wear tinted moisturizers and sheer foundations and most foundations last all day on my skin, i get along well with creamy makeup but when comes about powders, and here I include powder. Bronzers, eye-shadows, and blushes they tend to either looks too much, dry and powdery or not last very long and by that I mean I full day of work.
If I use primers, they will last a bit more, but my eyelids will look creased and wrinkly which will make my liner a real challenge. So is easy to say I'm not very adventurous when it comes about eye-shadows.

Somewhere end September Colourpop cosmetics have sent me over their Fortune Pressed Powder Shadow Palette together with two of their  Cream-lux lipsticks. I was over the moon
ColoutPop cosmetics are a cult brand among Instagram makeup artists and makeup lovers, every single day I get a ton of pictures in my Instagram feed  starring their gorgeous makeup  and very creative looks   but I always thought  that is the kind of  makeup that targets  more young people and might not look good on my old wrinkly lids. And as I said before, I am not very adventurous when it comes about eye-shadows.
But, boy oh boy was I  wrong and happy that I was wrong at the same time. Fortune Pressed Powder Shadow Palette, has quickly become my go-to. Like im not even kidding since Fortune palette came into my life the other palettes I have seemed quite dull in comparing. I even let go 2 of them! The colors are buttery, warm and vibrant and show up beautifully on my ashy olive skin, and the metallics are truly exquisite. The shadows blend like a dream and do not enhance texture on my not-so-young, not-so-plump-anymore lids. I have been wearing them with and without primer, and my eye-look lasted me the whole day without loosing its vibrancy, and I got quite a few compliments about. So im happy to report back that I was wrong, colourpop eye-shadows work magic even on us vintage models.

Fortune Pressed Powder Shadow Palette is a warm-toned palette starring nude neutrals, corals, golds, reds and purples, is cohesive  and you can create quite some looks  with it. It is beautiful and compact, travel-friendly although it does not have a mirror, Is made in the USA and is cruelty-free.
There are 16 pans of 0.64 oz each, and the shadows come in four finishes: matte, satin, metallic and a duochrome

C.R.E.A.M.: warm satin beige
Ben: matte pastel peach
Mo Problems: matte camel
Oracle: satin peach rosé
Stacks: metallic copper
Racks: rosy metallic rust
Wiser: matte bright salmon
Miser: terracotta with blue-green duo-chrome
Nouveau: metallic light bronze
Riche: true matte red-orange
500: matte rustic berry red
Trove: matte bright raspberry
Money Trees: deep metallic bronze with purple flecks
Fortunate: matte brick red
Jackpot: metallic red violet
Strike It: matte blackened plum

I apply with my Zoeva & Real Technique shadow brushes, sometimes  I like to enhance the metallics by misting a bit of mac+ on a flat firm brush, or if I fancy a more muted mettalic, i apply with a dry brush or pat it with my finger. There is little to none fallout, and I did not experience any patchiness. As I said before they blend beautifully

I love my Fortune palette, and I'm considering to purchase her sister Fame palette as well.
I hope you enjoyed my ColourPop Fortune Pressed Powder Shadow Palette Review and my Swatches and I cannot wait to see you again here!

Meanwhile, I would like to know if you have tried or have any favorites from the brand?

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