Proper Cosmetics Brand introduction and Masks review

Hello my darlings , today i have for you Proper Cosmetics brand introduction and  their masks review !Discovering new brands, it has been one of my greatest pleasure as a beauty blogger!  And blogging , or insta-blogging was how I got acquainted with Proper Cosmetics.

It was via Instagram that they contacted me before their launch in may 2018. They generously sent me their entire mask collection, while testing and trying I thought maybe I should let you know more of the story behind the product. So I wrote them back  asking  them to  tell us a little bit over themselves

The idea behind the brand!

The idea for the brand happened while the first 2 team members of then to be Proper Cosmetics Trisha and Daniel were having a conversation about skin care over 2 years ago.

Why proper cosmetics?

We started talking about our experiences with products from other skin care brands, what we liked and disliked, our passion for result driven skincare and good ingredients... Having tried thousands of beauty products and dealing with skin issues like acne, scars, wrinkles, discoloration, dryness, oiliness… you name it…  we started digging deeper into what makes a good skincare product because we just didn’t want to waste our time and money believing in solutions that simply don’t work.

We noticed that even though some brands offer a few good ingredients in their ingredient list some of them were way back in the list, meaning they are not very potent (usually brands don't state the percentage of the ingredients used in their formulas, but there are a few tricks like looking out for ingredients in the list that are most commonly used in very small percentages, for instance like xanthan gum or citric acid. If the active ingredients are behind them, that usually means there is only a tiny amount of them used) and also the formulas had more preservatives, thickeners, fragrance agents and additives (most of them are not very skin friendly and are used most commonly to decrease production costs and increase shelf life) than active ingredients.
We also looked at some more natural products and even though they had way less harmful ingredients the main active ingredients were extracts and oils, which do have great benefits but usually lack results if not used with other more result driven ingredients.

Having done this research we spotted that even though there are so many beauty brands out there, we haven't really seen one that combines the best nature and science has to offer while cutting out all of the other additives like alcohol , dye , silicone , fragrance , gluten , parabens ️, sulfates , phthalates  and preservatives that are usually added in order to create a more appealing colour, texture and smell, decrease production costs and increase shelf live, but not really benefit the skin.

We decided we can make something more PROPER than that and started researching ingredients that are proven to be effective by studies, are liked by beauty consumers and are skin friendly alternatives to the commonly used harsh preservatives, thickeners, and fragrances. We started formulating and making products for ourselves, after a while, we gained interest from our friends and family and later on from their contacts. We could see that we created really effective products and decided to create Proper Cosmetics so we could share them with other skincare lovers.


We decided to create the brand PROPER COSMETICS at the end of 2017, after testing the formulas we created for over a year. Seeing that the people that tried out the products had great feedback and liked the brand idea and that the formula works and has an effective shelf life we started designing the packaging and developing our business plan.

PROPER COSMETICS was launched as an online brand on May 18th, 2018. We started our skin care line with 4 face masks, 1 eye mask, and 1 lip mask. We got an amazing response and have gotten orders in over 49 countries on 6 different continents as of now (May 29th, 2018).

We are already formulating and planning to include more products to our line in the upcoming 3-6 months after the formulas have passed the trial process and we receive feedback from our customers and beauty influencers from our first launch.


As a company, we are based in London, United Kingdom. All of our stock and shipping is handled in Lithuania. However, we are planning to relocate our stock and start shipping from London at the start of Autumn 2018 when we finish setting up our office here. We offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING because our goal is to be a global brand and we feel that our customers shouldn't have to pay the extra costs if we haven't branched to an area near them.


When developing the packaging our aim is to be eco-friendly, light, durable and in regards to the design, we want to be professional, colorful and Instagram-worthy.

We use small shopping bags instead of traditional box packaging because we want our customers to feel like they are receiving a gift when they are opening their parcels and it can be saved or reused like some people do when they get a nice shopping bag while usually boxes are thrown out as soon as you get your product.

For our masks, we are using aluminum tins with stickers. We really like the idea of using aluminum because it is light (great for traveling), durable (prevents UV damage) and easy to recycle. We will be introducing seal liners to our products in the next month to increase customer confidence and product safety. We are also going to start printing our design on the products instead of using hand glued stickers, to have a more professional look. We are also looking for new packaging that would work with the brand image, because even though aluminum has a lot of benefits it limits us from working with some ingredients like AHA and BHA acids, so it is possible we will change the packaging in the upcoming 3-6 months.

Proper Cosmetics

Note. They are working as we speak on changing the aluminum packaging I glass jars!

Now let's get back to the products!  At the moment I'm writing this the range  has 6 masks, they all come in  round aluminum thins with the plastic label, and they are all

The masks have a 3 months self like and are  best stored in the fridge

I usually break down all the information about a product, but because of the quantity, this will be a never-ending post! So I'm going to only say my finds about the mask and if you guys like to to have a full review on one of the masks let me know down in the comment box and I will come with a full review.



What I like about
At first, I did not think I'm going to like this mask, because caffeine never did much for my under-eye area! But this mask has a  gel-like texture that feels lovely on the skin, a bit watery but not runny. Does not smell like anything, which i like it a lot and  I love the cooling and depuffing effect this eye mask has.
I find it great  for  when i don't have  a lot of time in my hands  but also makes an excellent mask for some self-pampering at home spa days



What I like about
This is maybe the one I like it the most! Super hydrating and shootee this mask comes in a thin with a milky serum and five separate sheet masks.  I had to soak the sheet mask in the serum and wait for it to expand ( that was actually fun to watch ) than apply it to the face for 20 minutes. If you have dry skin like me, this is the mask to have.

what I did not like about
I wish there where separate containers for the serum also. Also, the 5 masks for 19 pounds brings this mask on the "spendy" side.



What I like about
Thicker formulation comparing with the other masks his one was easy to apply with a brush and is that kind of mask that you can put it on and carry on with chores while the mask is doing its job. Perfect for the busy bees! But I find this mask better fitted on someone who has combination skin even oily.  The mask did dry me out a bit, but upon removal, the skin was cleaned and toned.

What I did not like about
There was nothing to complain about this mask, is just my skin type! I'm still using it around my nostrils and on my chin where I'm  more prone to breakouts.




What I like about
Once in a while I love myself an enzyme peel and i was so happy to try this mask. this is actually the first one I tried  from the bunch
The mask has a pumpkin puree smell,  color, and texture, tingles when applied on the face .  after 20 minutes my skin was so luminous and so clean and the effect lasted quite a bit.

What I did not like about
The smell of it. Is not the mask,  but the enzyme mask in an aluminum thin does not work for me. Also, the scent did linger quite a bit.   I would love to see this revamped in a glass jar.



What I like about
This is the mask I can tell you the list about it. One, because I don't have dry lips and second because the mask has to be stored in the fridge and quite frankly i had to put a reminder on my phone to not forget to apply the mask before bed. But even with the alarm, like in most houses, my kitchen is downstairs while bedroom and m bathroom are upstairs, so basically I have to go up to brush my tooth and come back in the kitchen for the mask then go back up. If there is a kiss than there, we go again.
Cute to have if you suffer from dry lips or if you are a liquid lip maniac but otherwise is a bit of trouble.

What I did not like about
I cannot say if the mask did or didn't do anything for me, I used too little and too sporadically to be able to notice a difference.
The smell of it is a bit off-putting, and the fact that it has to be stored in the fridge it makes it easy to forget about it altogether.



What I like about
This mask was a hit, and it was the first one I emptied ! that only because hubby seems to love it too ( and he is not into skincare at all ) but the effects of this mask are so instantaneous and so visible.  Mud like color and texture applys like a dream while the aluminum crystals take care of a  gentle exfoliation (careful don't rub too hard ). Deep clean without stripping the skin.

What I like about
I wasn't able to find anything wrong with this mask . is just beautiful

Overall I love the idea of a clean brand, that's is also conscious, and that minds allergies and intolerance's. The products were excellent, I can't complain much besides the fact that they need to be stored in the fridge, which is logical thinking that they left out all the preservatives and the nasties.
I will be making some more in-depth reviews to on  my favorite ones

So darlings this was my experience with Proper Cosmetics masks!Which one would you be picking up?

PR samples. I received these products for free from This is not a sponsored post.  The opinion about the product is 100% my own


  1. These masks all sound amazing to me, but if I were to choose which one I would love to try first, I think the Aloe Vera and Coconut oil Sheet mask would be it. I can just imagine how soft and moisturized my skin would be. Oh the caffeine and retinoid overnight eye mask sounds awesome too.

  2. The dead sea and crystal face mud has my name all over it! This time last year I'd just got back from a trip to Jordan, where I visited the Dead Sea and actually had my whole body covered in mud LOL x

  3. Sounds like a nice product. Facial masks make a good addition to every woman's skincare regimen.

  4. It’s nice to know that these masks are cruelty free and do not have any chemicals in them. The packaging is really pretty and very eye catching. I like the sound of the Dead Sea and crystal one.

  5. Caffeine really doesn't do much for my under eye area either, but this mask sounds quite promising. I'll also have to check out their other products!

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  8. It really sounds like they are a pretty great company. To do some of the masks with all natural ingredients is so important. I will pass this on to my girlfriend.

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