Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil for a Naturally Beautiful Skin

My journey with Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil  for a Naturally Beautiful Skin
As you may have seen in my insta stories ,  I have been adding to my oil collection the Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil from Hawaiian healing.

My face oils obsession has been going stronger and stronger over the years, and I must admit I have a rather extensive collection of them!  I find them so nourishing and revitalizing…a must have! Because when your skin is dry and lackluster face oils are your best friend
Not new to the brand I have been testing their Pure Revitalizing Cream before and once offered to try more from them I said yes with no hesitation. Did I expect to be even better than the cream NO, but boy oh boy was I up for a surprise
First, I love the packaging, purely for looks, this product will be the star of the show, beautiful yet straightforward the whole packaging scream heavenly retreat in a spa oasis that kind of a vibe.
Just handling the packaging, it gives an instant shootee feeling, at least for me! I'm a sucker for great packaging, and you know it, I’m all in for the product, but if the packaging gives me that luxurious feeling I’m 100% sold
Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil

I have been using Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil for the past three weeks now, and all I can say is that I quickly found myself reaching for this one on a daily basis pushing aside the array of choices I have. I usually use my oils in a rotation, but with Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil the results were so instantaneous that the other oils could not compare.
The oil comes in a dropper bottle, ok admittedly a pump would have been better, but a dropper was not a big deal.
The ingredients of the oil are all natural, no synthetic component or fillers, so I didn't have to risk any irritation. I found the oil to be super moisturizing, 1-2 small drops were enough to keep my skin happy. And the morning after my skin literally glowed. Healthy, radiant skin, just as it claims.
On a side note, this is not a this a dry oil. It absorbed quickly, but definitely, you should take a 10 minute before you hit the pillow, just to let the oil sink in. On a brighter note, if you include in your Pm routine a face massage, this is perfect, by the time you finish the massage the oil would be completely absorbed.
Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil

What is it
Luxury and all-natural face oil

Who is it for
Anyone really, especially good for antiaging dry skin. It moisturizes the skin, stimulates circulation and encourages new cell generation

Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil is a luxury healing oil for your face and surrounding areas. The all-natural oils it is made from are incredibly effective at reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and prompting new cellular growth. By combining natural extracts with the best organic and natural ingredients Nourishing Night Oil significantly reduces the signs of aging while giving your skin a natural youthful glow.

How do you use it?
In the PM routine after I (double) cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and apply my serum.

Ingredient list
Organic Macadamia Nut Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Organic Tamanu Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Beet Root Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Rose Otto Oil, Neroli Essential Oil and Helichrysum Essential Oil.

Formulated without



How does it smell?
Floral&Herbal, the smell does not linger.

Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil

What did I like about

This product is heavenly for the dehydrated or overly dry skin!
I get dehydrated skin and flaky patches around my eyes corners of my mouth and forehead, and this is the only product I found that works even if I use a 3 products routine (I usually go full 10 steps so you can imagine). I use a few drops of this a night all over my face. It only took a couple of days for my skin to be less dry and all my flaky spots to be gone for good. It worked so fast that it gave me the courage to test it in the retinol nights, and I was shocked at how hydrated my skin was in the morning after. Soft as baby's bottom skin and due to the level of hydration the skin around my eyes seemed way less wrinkled which led to less creasing of the concealer the 2nd day.
Little goes a long way, I only needed a drop or two for my whole face neck and décolleté so it will take a long while to go thru a full bottle
Is a bit on the pricey side however it is totally worth it because is not just oil; Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil is a blend of carefully picked naturally sourced ingredients and is food for the skin. Packed with omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and has anti-inflammatory proprieties and promotes wound healing due to Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Seed Oil.
There is no artificial coloring in it, the beautiful orange color comes from Beet Root Oil (no worries it does not stain at all) no fillers, no fragrance and no nasties was added to this blend.

What I didn’t like about

Hawaiian Nourishing Night Oil It absorbs quickly but definitely won’t leave a dry finish, I'm fine with it but I know some of you are more into dry oils. You need to give it a few minutes to completely sink in before you hit the pillow. Can be sticky if you use too much

Would I repurchase?

Definitely yes

PR sample *
I received this product complimentary from Hawaiian Healing but this post is not sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own!


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