NYK1 Lash Force Growth Serum Review

Hi, I'm Denni, and my lashes are short sparse and stubby, please raise your hands if you are here with me on this one because today I have an NYK1 lash force growth serum review for you  !!

As you come into your 40s, all sorts of unwanted gifts keep happening, and one of these “beautiful gifts “ I receive is getting my natural lashes even more short and sparse than before. Hello mother nature, do you hear me? That wasn't needed really. I had a 60y old woman lashes in my 20's already.

NYK1 Lash Force Growth Serum Review
I guess pretty unusual because I have hair!  I always had beautiful thick locks; my eyebrows keep growing in spite of me plucking on them every two weeks since the age of 14, as for the rest of my body hair while isn't really a lot is thick and black.  My waxing lady can tell you about healthy roots and unusual fast growing circle *face palm
While I could complain hours on my skin or my other parts, but I had never complained of my hair.
Beside my lashes, they have always been short and stubborn ..  like they won't ever hold a decent curl even after a crimp or two with an eyelash curler and once I hit 40’s is like I saw them literally getting even more sparse

I knew right then that  I  needed something more than an excellent mascara, and I needed that asap.
I never really got into fake eyelashes, somehow they always look weird on me, mostly they are too big taking all the space between my eye and my eyebrow and not in a pretty way. Getting lash extension .. hum dunno 3 hours of sitting still with my eyes perfectly closed is a significant challenge, and  it seems terribly high maintenance for a do-it-yourself kind of girl like me.
Naturally, I was trying all the remedies I knew about as moisturizing them with castor and argan oil, but that will make my lash a bit heavy and overall not a pleasant feeling, but I wasn’t quite ready to test a lash growth serum.
One rainy day this beauty came in the post box, the gorgeous Lydia, creative manager of NYK1, has sent this NYK1 lash force growth serum to me. OH, boy was I happy to receive this, and while reading about the product on their website their promise for "gorgeous, powerful, striking and healthy-looking natural lashes" made me dream about me having these longer and fuller lashes and maybe even grow these few hairs missing in my eyebrows.
NYK1 lash force growth serum comes in a metallic tube similar to the liquid eyeliner tubes, with an easy to apply felt tip applicator.

NYK1 Lash Force Growth Serum Review

What is it
NYK1 Lash Force is an innovative, concentrated 3 in 1 eyelash & brow serum that combines specific purified ingredients that regenerate, rebuild and activate growth in both length and thickness to protect the structure of each follicle

Who is it for
anyone with thin or short lashes

How do you use it?
Apply twice each day on clean skin just like liquid eyeliner to the base of the lashes

How long did I test it
1.5 months

UNBELIEVABLE GROWTH FOR EYELASHES AND EYEBROWS - Apply twice daily like liquid eyeliner, and you will be amazed at the results

NYK1 Lash Force Growth Serum Review

Ingredient list
While the ingredient list is not available on NYK1 website, I have been able to locate them in one of the answers they give to costumers on amazon.com. Yayy thank you, Amazon costumers.
Also since the ingredient list comes from Amazon, please do check with NYK1.
Purified Water, Disodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Citric Acid, Swertia Japonica Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Biotin, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Benzalkonium Chloride.
The product itself is formulated in China, and the NYK1 Brand is from England, United Kingdom.

What’s formulated without

Man Made

Don’t know, generally speaking, products that come from China are not cruelty-free, but at the best of my knowledge, if they are only formulated in China, and they don't sell there, the products can be cruelty-free.

How does it smell?
Slight chemical smell, very subtle, not bad

NYK1 Lash Force Growth Serum Review

Can it be taken around the eyes
Yes, the product is designed to be applied at the base of eyelashes in the same way you would apply an eyeliner.

What did I like about:
The lash force Growth serum from NYK1 is a thin, transparent consistency that is unnoticeable is dermatologically & ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens users.
While it didn't give me princess lashes (i let u be the judge on that ), I had no irritation, and I could not feel any discomfort during  the trial time

What I didn’t like about
I cant say that there were things I did not like about the NYK1 lash force growth serum but I had higher expectations.
Certainly, this is not an instant working product; I think only now after 6-7 weeks of using it finally started to show some growth. So you are in the game for a long time. And you need to commit to using it twice a day every day.
Also, it contains citric acid, so if you have sensitive skin, this may be an irritant for you.

*** short note in all the pictures I'm wearing a touch of mascara for the added contrast in the picture

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Would I repurchase?
I really don't know.
NYK1 Lash Force Growth Serum Review

Note. I received this product complimentary from  nyk1.com. I'm not paid to write this, and this post is not sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own, and I take my reviews seriously


  1. Oh this looks amazing! As I’ve gotten older my eyebrows and eyelashes have stopped growing so it’s comforting to know that there is something that could help! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're not 40...you can't be!
    You are so pretty ,if you really are in your 40's you are 40's goals lady!

  3. I can't complain about my lashes however one day i would like to try your solution because it just look so good on you. Beautiful

  4. As much as I already got long lashes, I feel like I'd want them to grow thicker. I've been using a volumnizing mascara but they never got thicker...too bad! I guess I'll also need to get the lash growth serum now that I'm not a fan of fake lashes.

  5. I have super short lashes! I may have to give this a try... 6-7 weeks until I see some growth huh?

  6. Hmm I wouldn't be sure of this either, I think using it for any length of time and for the price I would be wanting a little more growth? You have beautiful eyes!

  7. Looks really good at least on you, I will look for it to give it a try! I love that is alcohol free too!

  8. It takes some time but it's nice to know that it works. I like that it's easy to add to your routine and you can really expect growth instead of using fake lashes all the time.

  9. Wow, this seems amazing, as of now I naturally have long and healthy eye lashes, but this serum quite worked wonders for you. Best part is it triggers both length and thickness!

  10. Really glad to hear this worked well for you, even if results aren't instantaneous. You never know whether products like this are gimmcky or not, thanks for the review!

  11. This sounds like a great product for anyone with thin or sparse lashes. Mine are quite thick thankfully. Great that this is alcohol free.

  12. This looks like a great product to try. I am sure growth serums take time to get the result they claim. Even I find it really difficult to apply false eyelashes or get eyelash extensions...in my case I am just too scared to get that done. :)

  13. O wow... I was totally unaware of the fact that there is a growth serum for lashes. Thanks for the awareness~

  14. This is interesting to read. In total honesty I don't trust anything close to my eyes from fear of damaging them. Most of these ingredients look ok but I would prefer it to be without Benzalkonium Chloride since it can cause allergies. I would love it if I could grow out my lashes like yours!

  15. Your eyelashes are so beautiful! Wow it’s so awesome that it doesn’t have any extra stuff in the serum too.

  16. I think, you look great and really young without this product ;) But if you see results and it makes you feel better, you can use it.

  17. This really sounds like a good product that has given excellent results. Good to discover such new products through these reviews.

  18. I would love to test this out! I've never tried anything to aid in my eyelashes growing, but this looks like a great product to do so!

  19. I would love to give this a try. I really loved the way it worked for you and thanks for sharing such a detailed review